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***NEW***TEST 3 will be on Tuesday, April 24.

***NEW***For a Study Guide for Test 3, Click here.

***NEW***For the notes on Retirement Planning, Click here.

***NEW***TEST 4 (optional take home test) will be passed out on Tuesday, April 17. For students trying to be exempt from the Final Exam, Test 4 is due April 24. For all other students, Test 4 is due on May 1 (the night of the Final Exam).

REMEMBER that you can work on TEST 4 in GROUPS of up to THREE PEOPLE. Test 4 will be an excellent review for the Final Exam.

***NEW***FINAL EXAM will be on Tuesday, May 1.

For a summary of the lecture on Chapters 10 and 11 (Insurance) on March 20, Click here.

For a summary of the lecture on Life Insurance (Chapter 12), Click here.

For the Life Insurance chart (Chapter 12), Click here.

For a summary of the lecture on Investment Fundamentals (Chapter 13), Click here.

For a summary of the lecture on Investment - Stocks (Chapter 14), Click here.

For the lecture on Mutual Funds (Chapter 16), Click here.

Revised Schedule is below. We will have 4 tests and a Final Exam, but Test 4 will be a take home test. Test 4 is optional. (You can drop your lowest test grade). Also, if you make a 90 or above on all 4 tests AND you have a 90 or above for your QUIZ grade, you are exempt from the Final Exam. Otherwise, the Final Exam is mandatory.

Finance 123, Section 2

Course Syllabus and Outline

Spring 2007

Instructor: John Brydels, Jr.
Office: Classroom
Phone: 225-806-3599
Office Hours: 30 Minutes before class or by appointment
Email:  Website:
Required Text: Personal Finance, 7th Edition, by Kapoor, Dlabay, and Hughes
Calculator: Any calculator.

Course Objectives

Finance 123, Personal Finance, is designed to provide students with:
· An awareness and appreciation of the role of personal finance in their planning and decision making..
· An understanding of the various functional areas of personal finance, and their mutual associations and interdependencies.
· A basic competency in the identification, conceptualization, and solution to problems in the functional areas of personal finance.

Class Attendance

Attendance will be recorded, and students are expected to make an effort to attend all class meetings. Class attendance and participation are crucial to successful course performance.

                         Academic Honesty and Classroom Decorum
It is vital to the well being of the academic community that academic integrity be maintained in the classroom. Toward this end, it is essential that all measures of student performance reflect the student’s own work. Please refer to the University Catalogue for University policies pertaining to academic honesty and the penalties associated with violations of these policies. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner during the assigned class meeting times.






Grading Scale

The class will be given four tests (of which the three highest scores will count), a Final Exam, and Problem Quizzes.

Exam #1 - 100 points
Exam #2 - 100 points
Exam #3 - 100 points
Final Exam - 200 points
Problem Quizzes - 100 points
Total - 600 points

A 540 – 600
B 480 – 539
C 420 – 479
D 360 – 419
F 000 – 359

· Quizzes will be randomly administered based on assigned problems and will be conducted on an open-notes basis. The lowest quiz score will be dropped. No make-ups will be permitted for missed quizzes.

· The final exam is comprehensive and required for all students. Exams will consist of objective-form questions and problems and be administered closed-notes, closed-text.

If you are a qualified student with a disability seeking accommodations under the American Disabilities Act, you are required to self-identify with the Office of Student Life, Room 203, Student Union.








Finance 123

Personal Finance

Course Outline

UNIT 1: Financial Planning and Cash Mgt. (Short Term)

January 16

1A Lecture 1   Overview, Discussion of Interest Rates, Time Value of Money, and Taxes
1B -0-

January 23

2A Lecture 2Chapter 1,2 – Financial Planning, Goal Setting, Career Planning
2B Time Value of Money(Handout)

January 30

3A Chapter 3 and Chapter 5 - Chapters 3,5 – Budgeting and Banking  (and Homework Review – Ch. 1,2,3,5)
3B  Review for Test 1.

February 6

4A Test 1 (Ch. 1,2,3,5)
4B Review for Test 1 in 1st half of class


UNIT 2 – “BIG BUYS” and Introduction to Long Term Planning



February 13

5A Chapter 4 - Taxes
5B Chapter 6,7 – Personal Credit




February 27

6A Buying a House .Buying a Home 

6B Buying a House (continued)

March 6

7A Review Homework and Review for Test 2



7B Buying a Car - Buying a Car


March 13

8A Review for Test 2 – Chapters 4,6,7,8,9 
8B Test 2  –

March 20

9A Chapter 10,11 - Insurance

9B Chapters 10, 11 - Insurance

March 27

10A Chapter 12



10B Chapters 13 and 14 - Investment Fundamentals and Stocks

April 3

11A Chapter 16 - Mutual Funds
11B Review for Test 3 (Ch. 10,11,12,13,14,16: Insurance, Investment Fundamentals, Stocks, Mutual Funds)





April 17

12A Review for Test 3 and Distribute Test 4 (Take Home Test)
12B  Ch. 18 - Retirement Planning

April 24

13A TEST 3 - Ch. 10,11,12,13,14,16
13B Review for Final (Test 4 due if trying to be exempt from Final).




May 1


14A   FINAL EXAM and TEST 4 is DUE